Maquet – eLearning

Maquet – eLearning

The Brief.

MAQUET Critical Care is part of the Getinge Group. The company is a world-leading provider of medical systems that meet the highest requirements for medically challenging interventions. At the same time, these systems exceed the expectations of the hospital teams that are responsible for the care of patients. Maquet designs, develops and sells innovative treatment solutions and infrastructure functions for extremely demanding hospital departments, including operating rooms, hybrid operating rooms, catheter laboratories and intensive care units as well as intra- and inter-hospital patient transportation.

Expertinfo has been charged with helping Maquet with market communication and eLearning.


Expertinfo has helped Maquet with a variety of services within the field of market communication. Above all, we have worked a lot with eLearning, and our eLearning specialist has among other things produced a number of pedagogical videos to demonstrate the features of Maquet’s products.

Skills Used.

eLearning: 40%
Technical Communication: 20%
Market Communication: 40%
23 August, 2015