Technical writer software/API, Stockholm SWE/EN

Technical writer software/API, Stockholm SWE/EN

Consultant with a technical mind set and ideally previous experience working with API or SDK documentation in tools like GitHub, Swagger or Postman.


Start: 1 September
Role: Full time, 12 months.
Salary: According to agreement.
Language: SWE/EN
Where: Stockholm, onsite (also depending on customer policy regarding Covid-19)
Subcontractors welcome to apply!

About the job

We believe this role will be focused 80% on driving the API documentation process and 20% working with our POS compliance team to create and maintain that documentation.

You will have teams meetings to know who the teams are and what products they build. You should be able to gather all the documentation in GitHub the customer currently has, read through it, and notice any discrepancies in the writing format. After some experience with the customers product/tools, we would expect you to be proactive and notice places where APIs listed in customers docs might be out of date. Write examples for developers on how to use the documentation, notice pain points and provide meaningful information and warnings on how to use certain sensitive endpoints.

We would like you to have the mindset of a coach as well. While you will regularly Iterate with teams to get their docs updated – we would like you to coach them in how they could do this without you. In other words, develop a set of guidelines for developers to better document their APIs so that technical writers don’t do all the work. We want to scale this effort as a company.

Customer’s POS Compliance team is a part of the same “alliance” of teams that work with the customers APIs. Their need for help will fluctuate. At the moment we foresee the needs here to be higher in 2020 – working on two major compliant POS projects for Germany and France.

Unless new regulations in more markets come up, 2021 will be more about maintaining the documentation (maybe 1 day per week) of the customers compliance product, in the four markets where it is launched.

We’d like you to be able to understand how different parts of the services work together, including the backend database and the UI in the apps, and be able to create function and flow specifications for local authority audits. We’d also like you to be interested in working with our UX designer in creating user-facing documentation, such as FAQ and user guides.

The audit documentation will be managed and version controlled in a software product called MadCapFlare. Previous experience with this, or a similar CMS/CCMS, is a plus but not a necessity.

Experience required

  • API or SDK documentation
  • Min 3-4 years experience as a professional technical writer/software developer with proven excellent writing skills in english.

Experience desired

  • GitHub, Swagger or Postman
  • MadCapFlare

About you:

  • Higher education in technology/software or technical writing
  • Excellent writer in english, any nationality
  • Broad background and understanding for all tools necessary in the information development process
  • Self propelled, driven and social.

Om oss:
Våra kunder är allt från stora multinationella industriföretag till medelstora teknikbolag. Vår kompetens täcker hela informationsprocessen – allt från CMS-implementationer, informationsarkitektur och XML-utveckling till teknikskribenter illustration, e-learning och språkkonsulter.

Vår konsultfilosofi:
Vi vill att våra konsulter ska vara våra kunders förstaval för alla önskemål inom information! Därför söker vi efter dig som har lite av allt – utöver att vara en van skribent på engelska och svenska: Kunskap i bild och illustration, insatt i mjukvarunära dokumentation, CMS och XML – och även kommunikativ, proaktiv och kundorienterad. Konsult in i märgen!

Vi arbetar också aktivt för att alla våra konsulter ska ha en gedigen grundkompetens i genom utbildning och kunskapsdelning.